Australian Wild celebrates flavors and places that renew and make you feel alive. Beautifully designed, Australian Wild is a small scale, ethically produced herbs, spices & teas to awake your senses. It is time to explore pre-Mesopotamian flavors. These flavorsome native foods & health enhancing compounds, praised by chefs and health experts, are brought to you by a small activist brand.  Let’s keep it alive!

Good for environment. Dryland salinity occurs across large areas of Australia. It is considered a significant problem causing loss in farming land and this problem is expanding. There is now a recognised need to strategically replant many areas with native vegetation to restore soils and biodiversity. Animals such as birds and small mammals are known to use wattles as protection.

Good for health. Maybe here is an opportunity to improve all: our soils, our diets and our diversity. This may also be our chance to try pre-Mesopotamian era foods. Australian foods, such as native pepper, bush tomato and wattle seed, have sustained first nations of this continent for over 40000 years. With evidence of wattle being used in making of worlds first bread over 30,000 years ago. Research has found, that these foods are high in antioxidant compounds, vitamins and minerals, while also containing microelements important for genome health: magnesium, zinc and calcium (Koczak, 2009).

Super tasty. Even more amazing discovery is that wattle seed makes delicious coffees, yoghurts, creams and desserts, like this cake, as well as the most delightful porridge.

Instead of having extended choices between products, we are facing a monopoly that actually shrinks our choice by making us select between competing brand of the same products, providing illusion of choice. There is more to life then this! And it has more flavor too! We need to learn to re-connect to the wild and appreciate our forests and diversity without destroying it. It is important to be  able to co-exist in a way that provides habitat to wildlife and is good for human health.


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