Wild Chef Batch

Wild Chef Batch
  • Delicious Rainforest Tea + Native Spice + Native Pepper Berry + Lemon Myrtle + Wattle Seed 5 Medium Jars


“…preserve Australian native biodiversity one lemon myrtle leaf at a time.” Trish


“Gosh that wattleseed is awesome stuff eh?! Yum.” Emma, award winning food blogger & author


Delicious Rainforest Tea + Native Spice + Native Pepper Berry + Lemon Myrtle + Wattle Seed 5 Medium Jars

Native Spice. It is a zesty mix of ground Bush Tomato and Native Pepper Berry. Great for mains, salads and sauces. The Bush Tomato has a  distinct savory taste, whilst Pepper Berry bring a piquant herbal tone. Mountain pepper plants feature heavily in traditional indigenous uses for both cooking and medicinal purposes. Pepper Berry has anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties. Bush Tomato provides Selenium, which is necessary for antioxidant enzymes to function.

Native pepper berry plant is naturally found in the cold high country in Southern NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.  It has small cream waxy flowers that develop into dark charcoal brown pepper berries, only borne by female plants. Although pepperberry can be used in the same way as conventional pepper, it has an added herbal dimension, especially towards the end of the palette. The dark pepper berries also infuse a rich plum colour to sauces.

Lemon Myrtle Herb. A beautiful Australian shrub naturally occurring in wetter coastal areas of northern NSW and southern Queensland. A most versatile and refreshing herb that greatly compliments dishes with fish and chicken, as well as desserts such as ice cream and sorbet. Indigenous Australians have long used lemon myrtle, both in cuisine and as a healing plant. Lemon Myrtle is high in lutein. Lutein plays an important role in eye health. It improves visual function and symptoms in atrophic age-related macular degeneration. Lutein protects the retina from damage by inhibiting inflammation.

Wattle Seed. Ground and roasted seed a delightful aroma of fresh nutty roasted coffee and can be used as a beverage or as an addition to chocolate or desserts. Wattle seed provides selenium, which is necessary for antioxidant enzymes to function and can be a source of this essential mineral. Here is a recipe for a delicious Chocolate Zucchini Wattle Seed Cake, Wattle Seed damper, Apple Pear Wattle Seed Cobber, as well as a guideline for the loveliest porridge in the world.

Rainforest Tea. A pesticide free tea, grown in North Queensland blended with Lemon Myrtle. It has a summery flavour with citrus and lemongrass tones. Great both hot or iced.